Laser Tag

Xtreme Laser Tag is an awesome, interactive game perfect for kids and families! Battle your way into Space using the most advanced Laser Tag technology with intermittent flashes of light and color breaking through the foggy darkness.

The session begins with a short briefing where the rules of laser tag will be explained. Then players will enter into a vesting room where you will gear up for an experience unlike any other.

Put your skills to the test and come play as a team or solo.

All Laser Tag participants must be 6 years old and at least 46”tall to participate.

Laser Tag Rules:

  • No Running
  • No Physical Contact
  • No Climbing
  • No Abusive Language
  • No Persons Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol Permitted
  • Obey Staff at All Times
  • No blocking vest sensors
  • Keep both hands on the phaser at all times.
  • No mishandling of Laser Tag Equipment. (You break it, you buy it)
  • No food, gum, or drinks allowed in the Laser Tag area.
  • Players must wear enclosed shoes.  Thongs or bare feet are not permitted in the arena.

Any misconduct deemed inappropriate by the Laser Tag attendant will be a cause for dismissal from the arena with No Refunds for games you have not played if you are removed from the game for breaking the rules or tampering with the equipment



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